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  • All-Access pass to an ever-growing library of closed-door book club sessions not available to the public.
  • ​Unlimited downloads of tools, resources, and step-by-step guides to help you unleash Your Lion Inside.
  • 20 minutes of connecting themes of the book to actual challenges in your life.
  • ​20 minutes of going deeper, bringing light to uncomfortable truths about the world today.
  • ​20 minutes of healing, and leaving with inspiration for the week.
  • ​Q&A Sessions where you can have your personal challenges deconstructed to put you on the path to freedom!
I began this book club project with a vision of women like you coming together in their living rooms, working to undo the cultural programming that keeps then from earning more and becoming more.

While that isn't a possibly right now for some people, I know you still crave a connection with like-minded women. And so do I.

So that original vision continues here. In our virtual living room.

You are working to establish a "new normal" in the face of something the world has never experienced before, and it's more important than ever to connect with women who will lift you up and fill your cup.
This book club will help you do just that.

It's a place to come when you become weary of the bleakness.

A place to refresh yourself by connecting with women from all over the world.

A place to rewrite the narrative and leave a legacy of progress for our sons and daughters.

A Global Sisterhood 🌎

Every week, we will meet to work through your personal roadblocks, professional challenges, and continue building upon the global sisterhood that has emerged from the publishing of my book, "Your Lion Inside".

We'll also dig into the history behind the themes and occurrences we're seeing in the world today, and I'll give you the tools to take action.

I have even worked it out with my team over these past few weeks to make this book club completely free for a limited time. Together, we'll focus on what you need most, while leaning on the guidance of the seven sisters from my book.

I look forward to meeting you in person someday. I'd love the opportunity to host an in-person book club in your living room when this is all over.

Sending you love and light, my sweet sister.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
  • Digital "Your Lion Inside" eBook
  • "Inspiration Guide" PDF Download 
  • ​"Epicenter of Change" Poster PDF Download
  • Book Club Outline Download
  • ​​Access to Global Sisterhood Virtual Sessions and an ever-growing library of tools, resources, and original content.
WHAT People are saying about "Your Lion Inside"
"This one has been dominating my reading list since I picked it up. It's been a year and I haven't put it down yet. I carry it with me. The author, Kim Faith, literally reached into the depths of my soul and helped me reflect and understand how my behaviors were limiting my success - personally and professionally. Then she offered a caring, guiding hand to help gradually shift my "self-talk" to a place that will drive me forward instead of restrain me."

Founder, Upstream HR Strategies
"Your Lion Inside is a great read – with a fresh perspective to consciously shift beyond our inherent DNA. The affirmations and scenarios are powerful tools to pause, reflect & choose. This book is a highly  valuable resource for women across the globe who want to be daring and create a new narrative." 

Global Delivery Executive


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